Monday, 16 December 2013

Stoke-on-Trent City Council Meeting 12/12/13

I've been viewing the webcast of the Stoke-on-Trent full council meeting of 12th December 2013, in particular the petitions and public questions.


Tracy Forrester (00:27:50) presented a petition on a common theme, dangerous and illegal parking outside schools, in this case Packmoor Primary School.  She reported that her two children had been nearly run over, all children are vulnerable and a child had been run over in 2011.  She listed all the usual problems and said that traffic wardens to not arrive at the relevant times.

Bob Lockett (00:32:06) presented a petition opposing the sale of land by Power Grove in Longton for use as a traveller site.  He cited  reasons of rare wildlife in this area of natural beauty and difficulties of access.  He also complained that money was meant to be spent on play facilities in this area but was spent in another ward.  He appealed for this land to remain a public open space.

Angela Cardall (00:34:04) presented another petition on parking, this time outside St. John's Primary School in Springfield.  Again the usual problems were listed with parent parking but also with hospital related parking.  She asked for the issue to be referred to city renewal overview and scrutiny committee but no councillor responded to this.  

It's bizarre that many parents city wide quite happily indulge in dangerous and illegal parking outside schools, whilst many others are aghast at this behaviour.  Honestly, those parents parking illegally need to think about what they are doing and park properly a bit further away, for the safety of all concerned.

Public questions

There was just one supplementary question asked, by Mike Barnes (00:39:21).  He had requested information on consultants/agency staff covering senior management position on the council and been told there were 3; Director – Place, Assistant Director – Green Enterprises and Section 151 Officer & Assistant Director – Financial Services.  His supplementary question asked for the individual costs.

Council Leader Mohammed Pervez (00:40:13) reported that the average monthly costs paid to the recruitment agency for these posts are £17,903, £15,907 and £11,900, totalling £45,710.  He said if these were filled internally permanently, on all inclusive basis the total would be £44,820.

By-election result

Cllr Anthony Munday who had won the Baddeley, Milton and Norton by-election on 15th November was welcomed (00:44:18).  That's good, another city independent councillor.

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